Untitled (fossil collection), 50% real, Eocene period, approx. 40 million years ago, 50% fake, made after the real fossils, white marble dust and cement, pigments


The fossils have been one of the first traces of doubt that people had regarding creationism, making them take into consideration the fact that the Earth might be much older than the saying of the Bible. For some, fossils are proof of the great flood described in the Book of  Genesis, that brought the sea waters on top of  mountains, while others see them as a trap placed by the devil in order to weaken people's faith. 

The collection comprises both real fossils and copies, mixed together. The originals are marine fossils from the Eocene period, approx. 40 million years ago, and they are collected by the artist from a stone quarry, not an official fossil site. The fake ones are copied with a mixed material of cement, marble dust and pigments. At the end of the show the visitors will be invited to take home a fossil, without knowing whether they chose an original or a fake one.